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"My goal is to reach a more unconventional crowd: the un-polished, un-traditional, secular musicians that classical training doesn’t exactly suit. Though I do still offer classical training - even recommend it to start off - too often do we find incredibly talented, non-classical musicians that seek to improve in their realm of musicality - which is different for everyone."

                                                                                                                                                  - Bryce Louviere (Owner)


We're offering private personalized lesson templates based on genre, interest, and personal goals. Tackling skills like:
- Ear Training
- Pitch recognition
- Improvisational abilities
- Healthy Technique
- Diction

We’ll help you become a better rounded musician and grow YOUR individual passions!


Introducing Orchestral


Looking forward to diving into orchestral instruments with the hiring on of our new Brass Instructor, Alex Cormier.

Guitar Instructor


We'd like to welcome our new guitar instructor, Alec Dean. he comes with loads of experience and an intense passion for theory and musicianship that fits our brand very well.

New! Drum Lessons


  We are happy to announce the boarding of our new drum instructor, Jonathan Ramirez! He's a professional drummer whose played in local bands and comes highly recommended. 

Full time

Play-by-Ear Studio private voice and improvisational piano lessons in Lake Charles, LA & Sulphur LA

 Head Vocal Instructor Bryce has become more available as he decides to take on his position with PBE Studio full time. His available hours range from 10AM-10PM

Excited for growth

Play-by-Ear Studio private voice, piano, drum, and guitar lessons in Lake Charles, LA & Sulphur LA

 We're continuing to build our foundations. Now with 2 guitar instructors and 2 drumming instructors on the horizons. Potential female-specialized vocal instructors around the corner. Come fill their books and learn from some of the best our community has to offer!! 

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